[v4.0.0-pre] - 2020-05-09

  • changed: [28e0f19b] New window layout and background image.
  • added: [f57c5db5] Added images and links to the cor-forum.de website and Discord servers.
  • added: [fa65177d] Champions of Regnum Logo.
  • added: [b71b676f] Regnum News.
  • added: [b75c721f] New Settings window. The mess of options has been moved into this menu.
  • added: Relevant translations.
  • hotfix: [fd125e7f] Added explanation to the language selection on first start, as the dropdown window is bugged.
  • fixed: [4f3dea5c] RegnumStarter now allows only one instance to run at a time. This prevents one instance overwriting the config files of another and fixes some AHK bugs.
  • fixed: [156b00d6] RegnumStarter will now make sure that all needed files are in place, all the time.
  • changed: Refactored a lot of functions.

Please note that this is a pre-release version and many objects might be changed in the near future.